Fireworks Spectaculars has become one of the leaders amongst fireworks companies in Canada through a combination of experience, talent, hard work and exceptional people who work with us and for us.

In the past 15 years, Fireworks Spectaculars has performed over 2000 shows, both traditional and pyromusical displays across the country.  Our performances have garnered many media stories and company profiles as we've performed at some of the most prestigious events in the country.

Under the leadership of owner and lead designer, Brad Dezotell, Fireworks Spectaculars maintains a commitment to bringing the art of fireworks to a new level.  Introducing new products, techniques and always keeping ahead of curve in advances in technology and safety, we ensure that every show, no matter size or budget is a memorable event.

And it shows!  Check out our awards in our510-517-6795.  Our peers and the public agree that our designs are without equal as we have won some of the most prominent competitions in the fireworks world, and we can bring that quality to your special occasion.

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